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Mrs. J

"I’ve been a member of various gym’s in the past but AK Active is so much more."

"January in lockdown whilst in the middle of a global pandemic is something different entirely. If it wasn’t for AK Active I really don’t know where I would be. AK Active is not just a gym, they promote and deliver wellness both physically and mentally. Because of Lockdown they’ve fought hard to ensure all of us are looked after and considered. I love pushing my boundaries and surprising myself by doing something I would have previously said ‘I can’t’. But it’s not all about classes and exercise… They’ve created a community that allows members to laugh, joke, ask daft questions and share ideas." 


Adam & Kimberley - Team AK

We have been through it all so you don't have to. From not knowing a thing about exercise and nutrition, being too scared to even enter a gym, abusive and mentally damaging relationships, and being bullied for the way we look. Here we stand, with numerous fitness qualifications, bodybuilding trophies and a passion for helping others feel comfortable in their own skin. We can't wait to help you. We have a 5000sqft+ facility dedicated to changing lives. Check out the footage of us in action below...


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AK Active
We truly believe that you can't get fit and healthy without being healthy in mind, too. Our mission is to resolve mental health issues in our community. We are more than just a gym. We are a family.
*When all sessions are attended in person & calorie controlled diet is adhered to.
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